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Swimming pools are an eye-catcher and increase the quality of life. At the same time, they are subjected to chemical, thermal and hydrolytic loads for many years. BÜFA Composite Systems offers a number of special gelcoats for these applications (the shades of colours are tested according to the "AVK - Arbeitskreis Verstärkte Kunststoffe" chlorine test method) as well as topcoats that contain a high temperature paraffin for sealing soil-side exterior surfaces.

The BÜFA®-Swim-NPG product range is especially suitable for the requirements of swimming pools with regard to long-term chemical, thermal and hydrolytic loads.

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BÜFA®-Swim-NPG Gelcoats and Topcoat

BÜFA delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products connected with pool construction globally and can offer you a wide selection of individual production possibilities.

Pool construction

Product advantages of the BÜFA®-Swim-NP 

  • Guaranteed qualities: Based on ISO/NPG
  • Outstanding resistance to hydrolysis, chlorine and osmosis
  • High resistance to UV and weathering (colour stability)
  • Individual colouring according to the AVK Chlortest method, tested and authorized (colour stability is guaranteed)

BÜFA®-Swim-NPG Gelcoat combined with a special laminate structure, allows for long-term use at raised water temperatures (up to 35°C).

We offer the appropriate machine technology for your optimal processability.

Take advantage of the improved surface quality which can be achieved with BÜFA®-Barriercoat

  • Improvement in surface quality
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Low-shrinkage curing performance
  • No fibre print
  • High osmosis resistance
  • Time-saving due to replacing the first laminate layer
  • Hand or spray processing