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… is what the extensive line of BÜFA®-Bonding Pastes is about. Here you will fi nd the right adhesive/bonding paste for your individual requirements at a glance. Filled or unfi lled products, with or without fi bre reinforcement, with low specific gravity for bonding sandwich constructions, low-shrink formulated, elastic or tinted bonding pastes and many other variations are available to our customers.

Oriented to the six categories listed you will quickly find the right bonding paste for your application. You don’t have the right product for your purpose? No problem! Just give us a call and together we will find a solution. It’s very important for us to be up to date on the latest requirements. Proved, innovative and tailor-made products – we provide what you need. 

Are you bonding already or still using screws?

ITW PLEXUS – High performance adhesives 

ITW PLEXUS stands for high quality construction adhesives. A combination of easy handling and outstanding adhesive strength guarantee that PLEXUS adhesives are the solution for a wide range of applications. PLEXUS construction adhesives have excellent adhesive properties for composite materials, engineering plastics and metals and reduce the need to use conventional, mechanical fastenings. PLEXUS adhesives can be used in many branches e.g.: 

  • Boat construction 
  • Transport sector 
  • Automotive industry and  
  • Building industry 

From a cartridge (50-400 ml) for smaller applications all the way to bulk use (20-200 l) for larger projects. 

The cooperation in partnership and the support of our customers is our priority. This is how innovative and sustainable products are created, as in the following examples.

Case Study EIKBOOM

Case Study Astilleros Astondoa Century