Gelcoats & Topcoats

High Gloss Surfaces

Layers just 500-600 μm thick...

... and yet the selection of the right gelcoat is absolutely decisive for the final properties of fibre reinforced as well as cast moulded parts.

That’s why quality is so important! Weather fastness, light fastness, degree of gloss, resistance to chemicals and corrosion and, of course, the mechanical properties of a gelcoat surface essentially depend on two factors: First of all, which materials were used to formulate the gelcoat and second, how well the gelcoat is applied in practice.

Optimal for all Applications

We guarantee that our BÜFA®-Gelcoats are made solely from raw materials the behaviour of which has been tested over the long term and which have proved themselves. Users have an extensive line of gelcoats and topcoats in brushing and spraying quality at their disposal.

All gelcoats and topcoats are distinguished by good working properties such as de-airing, flow and wetting of the mould.

Optimal thixotropic properties prevent running on vertical surfaces and the reactivity of the base resins used in conjunction with the respective, especially formulated pre-acceleration ensure fast and thorough curing.

Range of Colours

The possibilities for pigmentation are practically unlimited. Along with currently more than 100 standard shades of colour which are always available, practically any nuance can be formulated according to customer wishes. Our entire range includes several thousand, formulated BÜFA® Pigment Pastes for tinting the entire range of gelcoats.

Our proven Eurotinter technology offers the highest degree of flexibility when tinting gelcoats. With this system, which is well-known in the paint and lacquer industry, several thousand pre-formulated shades of colour can be produced.


Our Eurotinter technology provides the highest degree of flexibility when it comes to tinting gelcoats. This system, which is well known in the paint and varnish industry, allows several thousand pre-programmed shades of colour to be fomulated also here.