Kachel Swim NPG

BÜFA®-SWIM-NPG Gel- & Topcoats

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For the highest surface quality

If you want your swimming pool to become an oasis of well-being, then GFK pools offer you unlimited design possibilities. All the customer wishes for relaxation, vitality, individuality or also even for the optimal surface quality and durability are fulfilled to perfection with the BÜFA®-Swim-NPG Gelcoats and Topcoats and the corresponding resins and reinforcing materials. 

BÜFA®-Swim-NPG Gel- und Topcoats offer outstanding resistance to hydrolysis, chlorine and osmosis as well as High resistance to UV and weathering (colour stability).

BÜFA®-Swim-NPG Gel- und Topcoats allow an ndividual colouring according to the AVK Chlortest method, tested and authorized (colour stability is guaranteed).

BÜFA®-Swim-NPG Gelcoat combined with a special laminate structure, allows long-term use at raised water temperatures (up to 35 degrees).

For optimal processability we offer suitable BÜFA Tec-Maschine Technology, e.g. gelcoat units, metering devices and hand metering pumps.

The cooperation in partnership and the support of our customers is our priority. This is how innovative and sustainable products are created, as in the following examples.

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