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Pigment Pastes

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BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes

BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes are grinds of high quality pigments in various carrier systems.

Our BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes are based on unsaturated polyester resins in low monomer (article group 730) and monomer-free (article group 743, MF) formulations. 

BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes can be used to tint gelcoats and topcoats as well as laminating and casting resins on a UP and VE base.

BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes

BÜFA®-Pigment Pastes (articlegroup 530) are coloured liquid/pastes based on a combination of tinters. These tinters consist of pigment dispersed into a solvent free reactive polyester resin.

The pigments used have been carefully selected based on colour fastness, opacity, heat stability and having minimum effect on the curing characteristics of the final system.

Available in a wide range of colours, they have been developed to blend easily into resin systems. The viscosity of the pastes is such that they are all pumpable.

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