Produkte Verstärkungs-, Kern- & Vliesmaterialien

Reinforcements, Core & Non-woven Materials

Ideal Strength

Oschatz Textilglasmatte

Low weight, chemically inert and strong mechanical properties in the right orientation are the most important elements when selecting reinforcement materials for demanding applications.

Because of its outstanding mechanical properties, glass fibre is the most used reinforcement material. The production of glass fibres begins in melting furnaces in a direct spinning process. In this process, raw materials traditionally used in the production of glass such as quartz sand, kaolin and limestone modified with special oxides are spun into the finest fibres. These fibres are then bundled into strands of the most various thicknesses and a suitable size is applied.

Oschatz Textilglas Rovingewebe

Glass fibres are then combined with appropriate resins in the form of chopped strand mats, complex, direct and spray rovings, roving mats, continuous filament mats or non-wovens.

Core materials are used to achieve additional strength and rigidity in bonded elements while maintaining low weight. The use of a surface mat reduces disturbances on the surface of your component, improving quality.

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