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As manifold as procedures and methods of processing are, BÜFA’s portfolio of release agents, additives and auxiliary agents is just as varied. In the following pages of this brochure, we would like to present a selection of our line of products.

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Along with our BÜFA products, Byk additives in particular are also available to users. The use of Byk additives optimises your production sequences and improves the quality of your fi nished products. Byk additives are already in many BÜFA products. The following table provides information on our most important  additives for de-airing, wetting and dispersing as well as surface and rheology additives.

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Chem Trend

Chem Trend is the world-wide leading manufacturer of release agents for the most  different industrial applications, e.g. composite materials,  plastic and rubber applications. Would you like to optimise your production and make processes more effi cient? Then the semi-permanent release agent systems made by Chem Trend offers you the right solution.

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The cooperation in partnership and the support of our customers is our priority. This is how innovative and sustainable products are created, as in the following examples.

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