Produkte UP-Harze & Vinylestherharze

Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Vinyl Ester Resins & Epoxy Systems

High Quality Matrix Resins

The new special resin system BÜFA®-Resin VE RTM 6520 Class A for optimal surface quality with RTM-light process

With BÜFA®-VE 6520 RTM-Class A-Resin, Class A-GRP surfaces can be achieved at 20°C in a simple RTM-light process. GRP-usual fiberprint, shrink marks by metal inserts or flow channels are eliminated. In addition to shrinkage compensation, special LP additives in an EP-BisA-VE formulation offer excellent mechanical properties, HDT >100°C and perfect adhesion to gelcoats, sandwich materials and reinforcements. The innovative resin system does not require cosmetic layers, which leads to a reduction of the working time on the component of ≈25%. Saved manual work steps stabilize the process, rework is reduced. Surface-relevant work steps in the open process are reduced by 50%, as well as VOC emissions; a BÜFA-contribution to the protection of people and the environment. 

Your Benefits:

  • Optimization of surface quality by 40% compared to RTM-light components with barriercoat
  • Reduction of VOC-emission by 50%
  • Productivity increase by 25%
  • Massive reduction of reworking

Unsaturated Polyester Resins & Vinyl Ester Resins

Unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl ester resins are the most often used ‘representatives‘ of the thermoset materials.

Because they are easy to process and have very good physical properties, especially when combined with fibre reinforcement, finished products made of these polymers have become an integral part of our daily lives.

The increasingly demanding applications of our customers require products with excellent technical properties. Sustainable solutions are also increasingly coming to the fore. We offer you a large selection of environment-friendly, styrene-free systems. Applications include the automotive, rail vehicle, wind energy and building industries, sanitary market, as well as tanks and pipes, boat construction and swimming pools.

From hand lay-up to spray lay-up or RTM processes all the way to pultrusion applications, we can always offer our customers the best possible solution from our own extensive range of products that we have developed or from the portfolio of our premium Partner AOC.

Spezialitäten Harze

Epoxy Resin Systems

In the field of epoxy resins there are a number of possibilities. New demands on the matrix, steered by continuous progress in composite technology are normal today. Changes in the area of composite materials, application methods and requirements make adjustments necessary in the resin area. Because of BÜFA’s possibilities for research & development, special formulations and developments to meet customer-specifi c requirements are always possible. Our well-equipped laboratories, also with equipment for determining characteristic values, allow existing systems to be quickly and fi nely adjusted. For example, the fi ne tuning of epoxy systems in regard to processing or a possible reduction of production cycles for the customer present no problem. Many years of successful research work in the fi eld of UP and VE chemistry also accelerate development. Experience and knowledge fl ow over into the area of EP resins, especially in the sector of fi re protection or, for example, when developing gelcoats and adhesives.

The cooperation in partnership and the support of our customers is our priority. This is how innovative and sustainable products are created, as in the following examples.

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