Our commitment to "protect humans and the environment" includes an overall assessment of the life cycle of our products. The protection of humans and the environment begins with the selection of the raw materials that are needed for the production of our products.

During production, we focus on using closed systems that operate with targeted extraction and post-combustion of emission gasses. The resulting heat is returned to the processes. 

We support and advise our customers, helping them to find the best possible selection of products for their own manufacturing process.

Future-oriented here is the production of fire protection products in vacuum injection or RTM processes for which our line of fire protection products is tailor-made.

Our high quality BÜFA®-Firestop products and fire protection systems are used in all conceivable areas as individual products or as a combination of products.

Our BÜFA®-Firestop products are mainly used in the sectors of public transport, the construction industry and boat construction. They are also used for the production of train components, building elements (e. g. facade cladding or skylights) and for the construction of very large ships such as luxury liners.

Every sector has its own requirements on fire protection that require a great degree of flexibility on the part of the manufacturer of these fire protection systems.

We execute a number of fire protection orientation tests in our own fire testing laboratory or have such tests carried out by external laboratories so that we can guarantee the highest safety standard.

Our BÜFA®-Firestop products are distinguished by the following properties

  • Protection of humans through highly efficient fire protection
  • Protection of humans and the environment through clearly reduced toxic conflagration gases
  • Protection of humans during processing
  • Protection of the environment through low emissions

In the case of rail vehicles and other means of public transport, we work with fire protection systems that give off only very small quantities of toxic gases and, at the same time, develop very little smoke if a fire breaks out.

This has the following benefits for our customers

  • no dripping
  • little development of smoke
  • no toxic gases
  • little development of heat
  • no flashover through gases
  • no spread of the fire
  • emergency exits can be reached
  • safety for passengers
  • chance for resuce
  • no spread to other compartments  

Even the use of active ingredients that contain halogen, which develop corrosive gases in a fire, are deemed positive in the overall balance when used, for example, as skylights in buildings.

Transparent skylights coupled with a special technology allow more daylight to pass into the building. This creates light-flooded areas in the building where people enjoy spending their time. Daylight leads to better concentration, improved productivity in production areas and also saves costs since less energy is needed.