Verarbeitung von Gelcoats

Professional Know-how!

On this page you will find all the information "How to work with Gelcoats". For the on-site notice we recommend the manual as a PDF document.

Gelcoat Illustration 01

1. Delivery


  • Quality
  • Shade of colour
  • Quantity
Gelcoat Illustration 02

2. Storage

Please observe!

Store under roof

  • Protect from direct sunlight
  • Storage temperature approx. 20 °C
  • Humidity 50-75 %
Gelcoat Illustration 03

3. Mould release and preparation of the material

Please observe!

  • Protection/protective clothing for users
  • Room temperature between 18-25 °C
  • Manufacturer’s recommendations for mould release
  • Homogenous stirring of the material in the original container
Gelcoat Illustration 04

4. Gelcoat application

Please observe!

  • Use only the specified hardener
  • Observe quantity to be added in % (1.5-2.5 %)

Hand lay-up

  • Ideally in two layers each 300-400 μm
  • Make sure the layers are uniformly thick

Spray application

  • Adjust machine parameters according to instructions given by the manufacturer
  • Apply two layers. The first layer should be approx. 200 μm. With the second layer, a total layer thickness of approx. 700-800 μm should be applied. 
  • Lead the gun lengthwise and crosswise vertical to the surface of the mould 
  • Observe a distance of 0.5 m!
Gelcoat Illustration 05

5. Work place

Please observe!

  • Ensure optimum ventilation at the work place
  • Protective measures for employees
  • Dust-free surroundings
Gelcoat Illustration 06

6. After work

Please observe!

  • Close containers tightly after work
  • Return containers to their proper storage space
  • Clean machines, equipment and tools