chembid is an Oldenburg-based technology start-up founded in 2016 by the BÜFA Group. The SaaS company operates a search engine for formulators, buyers and suppliers of chemical products. With the help of the b2b platform, chembid has been driving digital progress in the chemical industry since its founding in 2016.

chembid platform

Millions of chemical data are available through a variety of digital sources. Launched in October 2017, the platform aims to make all the information available on the Internet about the chemicals market, product offers, and their suppliers more accessible and comparable via chembid. Based on this product data, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of chemicals, as well as companies with a need for chemicals, can make faster and better business decisions.

The two-sided platform offers manufacturers and distributors of chemicals the opportunity to gain digital visibility and acquire new customers by listing their product offerings on chembid. For chemical experts, on the other hand, chembid provides easy access to trusted and industry-specific data regarding chemical products and suppliers. Experts use the search engine to get an quick and easy overview of chemical substances, find suppliers as well as alternative products and compare raw materials. 


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