BÜFA receives special prize for innovative product solution „DIAS-OL“


Jury of the trade journal WRP honours development of disinfecting cleaning process for textile cleaning machines

In 2021, BÜFA launched a disinfectant for the treatment of textiles that is also fully effective against corona viruses. BÜFA DIAS-OL („Disinfection in all solvents“) is the result of intensive research in cooperation with other companies.

Since the market launch of BÜFA DIAS-OL, there has been a disinfection cleaning process for textile cleaning machines for the first time anywhere in the world. In the wake of the Corona pandemic, textile cleaning industry associations gave the impetus in April 2020 to develop a disinfectant for all common solvents used in textile cleaning.

The research team set up by BÜFA developed BÜFA DIAS-OL in cooperation with other companies. When used correctly, the product inactivates all types of enveloped viruses, including the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and its mutants. By using the innovative product solution in a special bath process, enveloped viruses, bacteria and yeast fungi can be removed even at low temperatures and for a short time, without damaging colours or fibres.

For this development, BÜFA now receives the WRP Star in the category „Innovative Solution“. „It is a great honour to be able to accept the award for this innovative product, which was developed in an unprecedented cooperation,“ says a delighted Dr Alexander Rohde, Research and Development Team at BÜFA Reinigungssysteme.

The market launch of BÜFA DIAS-OL was the first step. In close cooperation with partners from the entire industry, the BÜFA research team is now working on making the product future-proof. This means doing continuous standardisation work.

The WRP Star is awarded every year by the trade journal WRP (Wäscherei + Reinigungspraxis). With the award, WRP recognises exemplary textile care companies. Winners include laundries, textile service providers and dry cleaners who excel in various categories.