Procurement of new trucks


The new trucks are characterised by efficient and economical 13-litre engines that are optimally tuned in combination with the so-called 2-pedal Opticruise transmission. Through this we were able to reduce fuel consumption by 2.5 litres/100 km.

When we purchased the eight new trucks, safety was our top priority. All vehicles are equipped with the "Corner Eye" turning aid to help our drivers when turning in difficult situations. In addition, care was taken to ensure that the employees are protected by an airbag in the steering wheel in the event of a collision. In connection with the statutory safety features such as distance control, emergency braking and lane departure warning, we have done everything possible to protect people and the environment. All vehicles are fitted with air conditioning, parking heater, voice-controlled infotainment system, navigation system and refrigerator.

By switching to a manufacturer's brand, Scania Fleet Management Service Monitoring now provides us with a clear report of all important vehicle data for the entire fleet. This enables us to identify trends to improve values and consumption in the long term. In addition, online service planning is created to minimise downtime.

We wish our drivers a good journey with the new vehicles at all times.