Continuing education - always a topic at BÜFA


The BÜFA Group already offers the opportunity to complete additional qualifications such as a European business management assistant or a business management assistant for international business activities during training. True to the motto "You never stop learning", there are also many opportunities for further training after the apprenticeship. Joey-Andre Meyerholt from BÜFA Chemikalien reports on one of them:

After completing your training at BÜFA, you will now be doing your business administration at the Administration and Business Academy in Oldenburg. What exactly are you learning there?

J.-A. Meyerholt: There I learn many things that I already learned during my training as an industrial clerk. Classical modules and topics include business administration, economics, marketing, logistics, etc.

However, the topics are dealt with more deeply than in the training. The aim is to be able to analyse business problems and to develop and implement practical solutions at the end of your studies.

Study and job? How can this be agreed?

J.-A. Meyerholt: Of course it is exhausting to study twice a week in the evening after work from 18:00 to 21:15. Thanks to my colleagues, however, I can walk a bit earlier on these days so that there is still a break between lessons and the end of work.

At the moment there is no examination phase, so it is not too exhausting. I am curious to see what it will look like in 2 to 3 months, when it really starts.

What motivates you to successfully graduate in business administration?

J.-A. Meyerholt: My motivation is very clear - I hope to take on more responsibility at BÜFA after successfully graduating as a business economist. In addition, I would like to use the knowledge I have learned to do my part to continuously improve BÜFA.

Of course, I also hope that this will ensure a "secure" future in the working world, even if there are many other factors involved. In general, I think that I have more chances and opportunities with the business economist than with my training as an industrial clerk.