Brilliant news from the Antarctica


In 2018, our Russian sales partner UTS realised a so-called "Antarctic project" with a Russian manufacturer of composite materials. Bright orange glass fibre domes were manufactured for the storage of fuels for the Antarctic station Vostok.

We have just received a new report that once again confirms the quality of the BÜFA®-ISO-Gelcoat 3000 applied even after 3 years of use in the Antarctic - and this under the most extreme conditions, such as particularly strong ultraviolet light (caused by the hole in the Antarctic ozone layer), extremely cold temperatures of up to -85°C as well as the abrasion of the surfaces by needle-shaped snowflakes at high wind speeds of up to 20 m/s. But even these extraordinary environmental conditions have not changed the outer appearance of the bright orange storage domes - no fading, no obvious signs of abrasion or ageing. 

This means: high quality and know-how stand the test here!