New: Premium Gelcoat


As Europe’s leading supplier of gelcoats, BÜFA Composites continuously invests in the further development of its range of products. In close cooperation with the customer, the right product is selected or, if the customer wishes, developed for the respective applications. One result of continuous product development is a true novelty: the highly brilliant BÜFA®-Ambition, a new gelcoat generation that looks like lacquer. 

The range of applications for this gelcoat include the automobile and utility vehicle industry as well as all other applications in which especially high weathering resistance is required when it comes to retention of colour and gloss.  BÜFA®-Ambition Gelcoat is distinguished by excellent hiding power as well as high flexibility and good mechanical properties.

It doesn’t matter which colour the customer decides on because it’s possible to create practically any shade of colour. BÜFA®-Ambition Gelcoat can be produced according to customer requirements with a very high degree of colour accuracy.

Discuss your needs with us and ask for a sample. We’d be glad to help you!